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A simple firewall tool to increase your privacy

One of the most common ways to make sure your system is secured and protected against potentially malicious threats is to set up a firewall. Vallum is a firewall tool that allows users to monitor and control the online connections of a particular app. With its simple design and easy to use interface, Vallum Is an uncomplicated little tool that packs powerful features. 

Concept and Design

As a firewall tool, Vallum’s main function is to improve your privacy and security by monitoring app connections and intercepting malicious ones. Users can select the connections that they want to block or allow in order to prevent unwanted connections and potential privacy breaches and dangerous cyber attacks. 

Some of the best things about Vallum are its simple design and uncomplicated interface. Viewing apps in Vallum is much more straightforward since they are presented as icons making them much easier to distinguish and locate. Vallum’s interface consists of just a few important buttons at the top and a list of the apps being managed by Vallum.

Key Features

Using Vallum, users will be able to create firewall rules to prevent certain apps from sending or receiving information online. Since Vallun presents apps as icons, users only need to drag and drop icons to establish rules for them. Your level of privacy is highly customizable using Vallum, but Vallum does come with six presets that lets users set up the firewall with one click. For users who don’t need a lot of restrictions, they can choose the Default, Blind, and Jail presets that allow all apps to connect except for Jail that passes all except particular apps. On the other hand, users who need extreme security measures can use Block Everything, Apps Need Permission to Connect, and Some Apps Need Permission to Connect settings. Each setting is pretty self-explanatory, and they represent the varying levels of security that users may want to implement. Users can also set up temporary rules for specific events.

Vallum also has Geo-IP based blocks that allow users to create custom groups and manage apps based on nations. Users ill also be provided analysis logs and notifications regarding the status of their connections which will help them detect unwanted network activities.

Out of the Way

Another great feature of Vallum is the fact that it’s completely out of the way and doesn’t clutter your desktop. When not in use, Vallum is hidden in Mac’s menu bar where it won’t bother users. 

A Great Firewall Tool

Firewalls are essential tools in this digital age filled with potential threats. While Macs have a built-in firewall, it’s still a good idea to invest in extra security to help keep you protected. Vallum is a great option for people looking to invest in an additional firewall. It is by no means a necessity due to Mac’s own firewall, but it wouldn’t hurt to have it running on your Mac. Keep it around as companion to your built-in firewall in order to keep yourself protected at all times.


  • Comes with 6 presets
  • Has Geo-IP based blocks
  • Simple drag and drop use
  • Inconspicuous


  • Requires OS X 10.10 or higher
  • Prone to crashing

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Vallum 3.0.4 for Mac

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